Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yummy Breakfast on the Cheap!

So here is my Very Yummy breakfast I made with my almost free stuff!
The Eggos are from Meijer - on sale + coupon for less than .75 a box.

The Yoplus yogurt has had tons of coupons and printables out there - I can usually get it for around $1.00 a 4-pack. Here is a coupon link.

The peaches were given to me by a church family that has peach trees!

And on top is a sprinkling of Honey Bunches of O's "Just Bunches" - that is the best yogurt topping! Walmart sells it for $2.50 and there were $1.00 off coupons out recently. I don't usually pay $1.50 a box for cereal - but I love it and can make a box stretch by just sprinkling a little on my yogurt!

Samantha has a post and giveaway here asking what do you do with all your extras! We've used up the Kool-aid. I bought lemon-aid flavored and took it on vacation with my husband's family!