Friday, May 9, 2008

Meijer Shopping $17.65

Here's my Meijer Shopping for this week.
I spent $17.65 for $45.73 in groceries.

(click on the picture for a larger view)

Apples were the most expensive thing we bought at 4.77 but we love the Meijer apples and have found the bagged apples just aren't the same so it's worth the extra for us.

DanActive was a great deal at .25 for each 4pk. They were discounted to 1.25/4pk because the date was 5/15/08 and I had 1.00 off coupons (found at the Pharmacy counter) so we got 4-4pks for only $1.00! 6 J&J Bath Buddies were .50 total. I had 5.50 in coupons. Here's just a quick list:

4-DanActive 1.25 ea 4-pk (discounted) - 4/1.00 mc (manufacturer's coupon)= .25 ea
6- J&J Buddies .99ea - 2.50 Meijer mc & - 3/1.00 mc = .08 ea
Aunt Millies Bread/Buns B1G1 - 2 /.35 mc (-1.40)=.90 ea
4-Frozen Veggies 1.00 ea - 2/.65 off 2 mc =.68 ea
1 Ken's Dressing 1.67 ea - 1/1.00 mc =.67
Egland Best Eggs 2.54 ea - 2/.35 mc=1.84 ea.

So I still have almost 30.00 left to spend at Aldi's!

I Sent My Husband to CVS

Okay, so this morning my husband asks about going to CVS to get me a Mother's Day card(s). But doesn't know how "all that" (ECB's etc) works. So I put together a list for him and he is going at lunch today. We'll see how he makes out - I hope he does well so I can send him again! Here is the list I gave him:

3 CVS Brand Liquid Fabric Softeners (3.79 each = 11.37)
2-10 packs of Wrigleys gum (b1g1 = 2.49)
Spend at least 6.14 on cards

Give in this order:
4 off 20 coupon
3 off 15 coupon
3 off 10 cvs brand coupon
2- $1.00 Wrigley's coupons
6.00 gift card

He should only have to pay about 3-4 dollars.

I'm not using any ECB's on this order since it's his card and not the card I usually use. This will not generate any ECB's either but since he was going to spend the $ for cards anyway I figured I work in some free fabric softener and gum. That will help out the grocery/household supplies budget!

He did great. Got my stuff and spent less than $4.00 OOP! Now I have him hooked! =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Staying at Home

I was really encouraged by Crystal's post to spend more time just being at home. Today we cleaned our coat closet, vacuumed the van and just had some fun on the swing. This is little Miss M's first time out on the swing set - she really enjoyed herself!
If you haven't read it yet I recommend reading Crystal's post here:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Grow Your Own Salad - Part 1

Here's a fun way to save some cash. Grow your own salad. You don't need a big space. I grew tomatoes in my flower gardens for a few years before I expanded to this little plot off the patio. Little Z and I dream of the day we can plant a big old garden in the country!