Wednesday, May 14, 2008

$1.00 off Coffee-mate coupons

There are new $1.00 Coffee-mate coupons out! Just in time too because I'm on my last bottle of hazelnut! Yum, I love this stuff. Just sign up here. You should be able to print 2 -$1.00 coupons. After the first one prints, click on your back arrow once or twice and it should print again!


Anonymous said...

If - after you print up your coupons - you click on the
"Sign up for Savings" button
at the bottom of the page - you can print 2 more coupons -
1 for a $1 off and 1 for $1.50 off - - - don't miss these.
If you click the "BACK" button, you can print these twice also - - that makes $7 in coupons!
Have a great day sis!

Candace said...

Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me print those - I guess they are not reset yet (I have printed them previously). But if you've never printed Coffee-mate coupons it should work.