Friday, May 9, 2008

I Sent My Husband to CVS

Okay, so this morning my husband asks about going to CVS to get me a Mother's Day card(s). But doesn't know how "all that" (ECB's etc) works. So I put together a list for him and he is going at lunch today. We'll see how he makes out - I hope he does well so I can send him again! Here is the list I gave him:

3 CVS Brand Liquid Fabric Softeners (3.79 each = 11.37)
2-10 packs of Wrigleys gum (b1g1 = 2.49)
Spend at least 6.14 on cards

Give in this order:
4 off 20 coupon
3 off 15 coupon
3 off 10 cvs brand coupon
2- $1.00 Wrigley's coupons
6.00 gift card

He should only have to pay about 3-4 dollars.

I'm not using any ECB's on this order since it's his card and not the card I usually use. This will not generate any ECB's either but since he was going to spend the $ for cards anyway I figured I work in some free fabric softener and gum. That will help out the grocery/household supplies budget!

He did great. Got my stuff and spent less than $4.00 OOP! Now I have him hooked! =)

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