Friday, May 9, 2008

Meijer Shopping $17.65

Here's my Meijer Shopping for this week.
I spent $17.65 for $45.73 in groceries.

(click on the picture for a larger view)

Apples were the most expensive thing we bought at 4.77 but we love the Meijer apples and have found the bagged apples just aren't the same so it's worth the extra for us.

DanActive was a great deal at .25 for each 4pk. They were discounted to 1.25/4pk because the date was 5/15/08 and I had 1.00 off coupons (found at the Pharmacy counter) so we got 4-4pks for only $1.00! 6 J&J Bath Buddies were .50 total. I had 5.50 in coupons. Here's just a quick list:

4-DanActive 1.25 ea 4-pk (discounted) - 4/1.00 mc (manufacturer's coupon)= .25 ea
6- J&J Buddies .99ea - 2.50 Meijer mc & - 3/1.00 mc = .08 ea
Aunt Millies Bread/Buns B1G1 - 2 /.35 mc (-1.40)=.90 ea
4-Frozen Veggies 1.00 ea - 2/.65 off 2 mc =.68 ea
1 Ken's Dressing 1.67 ea - 1/1.00 mc =.67
Egland Best Eggs 2.54 ea - 2/.35 mc=1.84 ea.

So I still have almost 30.00 left to spend at Aldi's!

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Sonshine said...

My Meijer had the DanActive yogurt too on markdown! BUT I forgot to grab my coupons for 'em that I got off the Meijer milk a few weeks ago.

Great job!

Thanks for stopping by!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!