Friday, May 23, 2008

I've Saved $1067 at CVS

This is a my receipt from the last time I shopped at CVS.

So far this year, I have saved $1067.04 . I am amazed how this has helped our family's budget. I also have a surplus of items that I can gift or donate to others. Thank you CVS!


Your Lovely Niece said...

By "donating" do you mean to your poor, broke niece when she goes back to school?? haha :-)

Candace said...

Dear Lovely Niece,

You've found me out! Your goodies will arrive next week via Zach-Mobile.

You might be poor and broke when you go to school, but I'll make sure you smell good, have shiny hair and clean teeth. If only we could do the same for the dog.....

Your Favorite Niece said...

Yes I have found you! I got to say I'm amazed - I always knew you were a good sale finder but wow! Only you could turn shopping into a full-time job haha. Very, very impressive. I'm trying to talk Tara into coming to the library for your workshop, she is home for the month because her husband is training! Since she doesn't have a job out in Cali and there are only two of them, it would be great for her.

I am very excited for the Zach-Mobile to come visit haha. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing you all, and Billy is excited to meet the little girl :-) Give my cousins a hug and kiss for me. See you soon! Love you!