Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend - Staying at Home

We decided to stay at home this weekend. We have spent the last several Memorial Days camping (or trying to camp- but that's a long story!)

This year with gas prices at 3.99 we decided to just stay home. Instead of going out of town, we made this little fire ring in our back yard.

It is made out of 20 curved landscape bricks we bought at Lowe's. I used the $10.00 off $25.00 purchase that you can sign-up for here. (You have to use a Visa with the coupon - I used my Visa debt.)

The bricks were 1.29 each, so the total was just a little over $27 including tax. With the coupon it was right around $17.00. Much cheaper than a weekend away. I think that Little Z has decided that he and daddy will camp out soon in the back yard for fun!

We put that scalloped piece of brick on top while Little Z was roasting his hot dog so he could lean the stick on it. (But that's not really part of the fire ring.)

Saturday morning Little Z and Daddy went to the park with his little wagon and picked up all kinds of stick off the ground. Little Z thought this was great fun - he's really into sticks!

We will need to get a few more things to complete our back yard hangout. We've decided that it will be worth getting real roasting poles for the dogs and marshmallows after the stick we were using caught on fire! Also I plan to go to Kroger and stock up on hot dogs for the freezer while they are on sale this week for .69 a pack.

We have had a great time already! Have you changed your usual Summer plans because of gas prices? If you have any good ideas for vacationing at home of fun things to do at home please make a comment or post it on your blog and leave us a link in the comments!

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