Thursday, May 29, 2008

Walgreen $10 off $30 Coupon for Friday 5/30/08

Walgreen's has just sent out another coupon. It is for $10 off $30. The coupon is good for Friday 5/30/08.
Last time there was a coupon out a friend of mine was told her Walgreen's did not accept printed coupons. She emailed Walgreen's about the situation and received both an apology from the store manager and a $10 gift card.
Stores should be accepting these coupons. It does seem that you will only be able to use one per store. Does anyone know if the new rebate books will be out tomorrow? That would be great if we had an overlap of last month's book, next month's book and the coupon.
If you have any great deals let us know!


legendstud said...

Buy Alavert allergy medicine and get another $4 off
Stock up for allergy season.

hotmomma said...

I had the same problem with the coupons, in fact, all printable coupons. The manager said he could not take them because they never receive the money back on them. So I told him that I didn't want anything and sorry but I would have to leave. He got nervous, and said that he would just "eat it" this time. Why should I feel guilty about using coupons? They should be getting their money back on these, right? fyi- these were all walgreens coupons from their website.... thanks!

GrandmaKathleen said...

Thanks for the tip for the $10.00 off at Walgreens. I have added you to my favorite blogs along with
"Be thrifty like us" I enjoy saving especially since I am now a senior. I just got back and the receipt stated my savings was $19.17 plus the $10.00 for a total savings of $29.17. Wow!!I bought 2bottles Sierra mist 2lt $.99 each
1Pepsi 2lt $.99
1 can Pringles $1.00
2pkg kettle sugarfree popcorn $3.00
2 cans honey peanuts $5.00
4 toothbrushes Clearance$2.00
X lawn seeds sale $2.99
Puprini ribs Clearance $2.50
Iams 4lbs dry food Clearance $3.00
Nylabone asst Clearance $2.50
Dog shampoo Clearance $3.00
Thanks so much:)

Candace said...

Thanks for your comment "Hotmomma"! I've found it really pays to nicely stand your ground. If the store has put a coupon out - it should be honored!

You right there is no reason to feel guilty about using these coupons. It's not like the manager had to take the money out of his paycheck! He's following company policy by ACCEPTING the coupon. Good for you!

Candace said...

Grandma Kathleen,

Thanks for telling us your deal you got! I think it's a lot of fun to find what I can get for less. The savings sure do add up over time - especially with these great coupons out there. Did you get the CVS $3 off $15?

I'm flattered to be on your favorites list. I'll try to keep the posts coming.