Monday, July 28, 2008

More Sunday Paper Coupons!

WAIT - don't throw out your Sunday papers yet. In this week's USA Weekend insert there were some really good coupons. 2 of my 4 papers had $11.00 in coupons, including $1.00 off Listerine and J &J Baby - which are an ECB deal at CVS this week. I plan to go and get 5 Listerine.

Here is my deal:
Buy 5 Listerine @ $4.00 ea (= $20.00)
Use $3/15 (My store should still accept this although expired)
Use 2 -$1.00 off coupons
Use 2 -$.50 off coupons
Total = $20.00
Coupons- 6.00
Pay 14.00 in ECBs
Receive back 10.00 ECBs
Final Cost 4.00 or .80 cents a bottle!
That is a great price! My husband is a dedicated mouthwash user!
So if you are like me and just take out the coupons and sale flyers - go check your papers for the insert and see if you scored some coupons! There were several $3.00 off coupons also!

Here's what I got:
$3.00 off John Frieda
$3.00 off Prilosec
$1.00 off Curel
$1.00 off Carefree
$1.00 Stayfree
$1.00 off J&J Baby
$1.00 off Listerine


Saph said...

Wow, 4 different papers? What papers do you get that have coupons? USA Weekend has coupons? How much is that paper and do you subscribe to it?

Candace said...

I actually got 3 copies of the Saturday edition of the Sunday Indianapolis Star and 1 copy of the Sunday edition of the Indianapolis Star.

I try to go on Saturdays to our local Dollar Tree where they sell the Saturday Edition of the Sunday paper for $1.00. I also get the local paper delivered every day and that costs $10.00 a month. The regular price of the Sunday paper is $1.75. The daily paper would be $.50. So, I save about $9.00 that way and I like getting the Thursday grocery sales flyers delivered to me in that paper!

I would guess that our Dollar Tree also sells the regular Sunday paper but I've never gone on Sunday to see.

I'm not sure why the coupons were different in 2 of my papers, I picked the 3 papers up out of the same pile.

Carol Ann said...

Here's what I was able to do today at CVS:

2-Benadryl $5.00 each
1-Tylenol $6.00
1-Listerine $4.00
Subtotal: $20.00 BC
-$3/$15 CVS (expired)
-$2.50 CVS (CRT for any pain reliever)
-$1.00 MQ-TYLENOL (7/27 SS)
-$1.00 MQ-Benadryl (7/27 SS)
-$1.00 MQ-Benadryl (7/27 SS)
-$0.50 MQ- Weekender 7/27 Insert
Subtotal: $11.00 AC
-$9.99 ECBs
Final OOP: $1.01 + $10.00 ECBs
I was too excited - had to share this deal!
Carol Ann

Candace said...

WOOOOHOOOO That's my kind of shopping trip!!! I went tonite too and got the Listerine - what a great deal!!

Thanks for sharing it with us!