Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Love Chick-fil-a

Anyone that knows me already is quite aware of this fact! I love LOVE - Chick-fil-a! We have been there twice this month. Once for the "Dress like a Cow" free chicken day and again the other day for Kid's night and it was also Customer Appreciation Week.

Here are a few fun pictures from our Chick-fil-a trips!

Now - to make it even more tempting to stop for some chicken, our local Chick-fil-a has started a free sandwich program. Bring in a gas receipt for over $35.00 and get a free sandwich. That is a great deal for us because we can just get a kids meal along with that and we're good to go!

The first photo is from "Cow Appreciation Day" and the second photo is from "Customer Appreciation Week".

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