Monday, June 30, 2008

CVS Shopping 6/30/08

Here is this week's CVS Shopping trip. I spent $6.83 for $59.87 in items. I made a miscalculation when I was in the store. I moved an item and its coupon to another transaction and did not account for the coupon moving on my worksheet - so I thought I had another $3.00 off coupon for my last transaction. In the end, I spent a few more dollars than I planned but it was still a good night. If you leave off the milk on the last transaction you will only have a total OOP of around $1.00.

Transaction #1-------------------

Kashi Cereal (2.50)
2 Life Savers Bags B1G1 free (2.19)
1 CVS Aftershave (2.59)
1 Physicians Formula Mineral Mascara (7.99)

2.00 off Kashi
1.00 off Physicians Formula
B1G1 Life Savers Bag (-2.19)
2.00 off CVS skincare

7.99 ECB
.28 Cash

Receive 8.99 ECB (7.99, 1.00)

Transaction #2 ----------------------
1 Rightguard Professional Deod. (6.99)
1 CVS Aftershave (2.59)
1 Coppertone Oil Free Faces (8.99)

2.00 off CVS Skincare
1.00 off Rightguard Professional
3.00 off Facial Skincare CRT

12.99 ECB
.69 Cash

Receive 7.99 ECB (6.99, 1.00)

Transaction #3------------------
1 CVS Aftershave (2.59)
1 Coppertone Water Baby Stick (4.79)
Kashi (2.50)
2 Gallons milk (2.99 ea)

2.00 off Kashi
2.00 off CVS Skincare
6.00 ECB

There are links to the Kashi coupons here and here.
Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the links to the Kashi and the CVS Skincare coupon!

Receive 11.00 ECB (The ECB for the Coppertone did not print so I actually wound up with 1 ECB and a 10.00 gift card)


Z said...

The ECB for the Coppertone didn't print because you only bought 1 stick, and the deal is buy two, get $10.

Candace said...

I did buy 2 Coppertone Suncare items. I bought the Faces Oil Free Sunscreen - which is the one I was given credit for buying - according to my receipt. For some reason the stick did not register for ECB credit. But I'm glad for the gift card - that's even better than ECB'S!